R-Control SIP Roof Panels

By:  Jim Nugent, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Structural Insulated Panels better known as SIPs have been in use for well over 50 years and R-Control SIPs manufactured by ACH Foam Technologies is the most recognizable brand name in the industry.

Most architects, contractors and owners are well aware of the advantages of building with R-Control SIPs. Certainly strength of the structure, energy efficiency and speed of construction are well known and well documented advantages of building with SIPs

While SIPs are well suited for light commercial building applications, conventional wisdom often views SIPs as a building system used in residential construction. To the contrary a large percentage of SIPs in use today are in commercial, institutional, and faith based buildings.

So where are these panels being used? In the roof.


Here are just a few of the advantages of R-Control SIP roof panels:

• Ideal for straight vaulted designs with exposed structural members
• Clear span capability from 8’-20’ depending on load criteria.
• Greater span-ability increases truss spacing and saves cost
• Speed of construction for large vaulted roofs, Panel sizes available from 4’x8’ to 8’x24’.
• R Control SIPs can be used in flat roof applications

Visit www.achfoam.com to find project profiles like the Severance Middle School, Aldo Leaopold Legacy Center, Ruffner Nature Preserve and other R-Control SIP roof panel projects.

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EPS Foam and the Holidays

By:  Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

Inevitably EPS foam will be a part of the holidays for many households. It will safely carry electronics, appliances, colognes, wine, and food to their final destinations. Having performed its original intended purpose, now is the time to recycle it so it can become an ornate picture frame, a CD case, hangers for clothing, and stuffing for a toy.

This year, a record amount of EPS foam will find new life as global strides in collection and processing of this renewable resource has taken off. ACH Foam Technologies has been on the leading edge of efforts to reroute the path of these materials from the landfill to the grinders and compacters located at each of our facilities. We welcome the public to drop off their clean EPS foam products to be transformed into another packaging solution.

Read more about EPS foam recycling.

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Arcel Foam- A perfect blend of EPS & PE

By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

ARCEL is the brand name of NOVA Chemicals’ PE+PS Inter-Polymer. The bead has a polystyrene core surrounded by an exterior coating of polyethylene. This unique combination gives ARCEL a special structure, which enables the best combination of PE and EPS.

Blog Pic

When used for protective packaging, ARCEL resin is a solution that reduces packaging size and weight, while maintaining great protective properties. ARCEL resin can reduce package size up to 40%, which cuts energy consumed in the manufacturing of packaging, lowers fuel consumption and emissions throughout the supply chain, and reduces the waste stream for both foam and corrugate materials.


Other benefits of ARCEL include the following:

  • Reduced fracturing- has great tear, puncture & flexibility strength.
  • Multiple drop performance
  • Reduced rub abrasion- ARCEL can eliminate having to bag parts

ACH Foam Technologies has the ability to manufacture with ARCEL material at any of our shape molding facilities.

Please contact your local ACH salesperson for more information.

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Polar-R & Polar Fold Film Laminated EPS

By: Doug Wehrwein, Sales Representative - Architectural Products

The ACH Foam group of film laminated EPS is called Polar-R, 4ft. x 8ft. panels, and Polar Fold, 4 ft x 50 ft bundles. Our Polar products are commonly used as a wall leveler for residing or sheathing applications, a roof recover board, below-grade insulation for both perimeter wall and underslab, and as protection for waterproofing materials. An added benefit available with all Polar products is a reflective facer which, according to ASRAE when applied allowing a ¾” dead airspace, allows for a 2.1 gain in R-value.

Polar-R (4 ft. x 8 ft.) or Polar Fold (4 ft. x 50 ft. fan fold sheets) when used as a wall leveler for residing applications will help to provide a flat and level surface for new siding along with the added benefit of more insulation. Polar-R or Polar-Fold wraps your home in a continuous insulation that reduces air infiltration and gives you a lifetime of energy savings. Use Polar tape on all the seams to reduce air infiltration even more.

Polar Fold Roofing recovery board is a favorite among designers and contractors for re-roofing applications. The film facers of Polar Fold or Polar-R are engineered to be compatible with single ply ballasted and mechanically attached roof systems alike, without the use of additional slip sheets.

Polar Fold Roofing Recover Board

Polar Fold Roofing Recover Board

Below grade insulation – perimeter wall and underslab: In many places around the country well-insulated foundations are required. Polar-R’s high R-Value and tough film facings provide for an ideal below-grade insulation helping to prevent heat loss through the foundation. This application will also protect the foundation’s sheet membrane or liquid-applied waterproofing. Both the facers and the expanded polystyrene core are not affected by chemicals or moisture.

All Polar products are available in a variety of compressive strengths, from 5 psi to 25 psi, to best serve any of your construction needs. In addition, Polar-R and Polar Fold allow for less than 1% water absorption and has a flame spread index of less than 25 and a smoke-developed index of less than 450.

Polar-R and Polar Fold, like all ACH Foam EPS products, are environmentally safe and contain no CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or formaldehyde.

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Geofoam Helps Brigham City

By: Terry Meier, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

In the year 1917 my father was born in a small town in northern Utah called Brigham City. Ninety seven years later I returned to that city to be a part of a large embankment reconstruction project.

A total of 4 embankments were widened to help facilitate the growing traffic volume in that area. The people of Brigham City rely heavily on those embankments to access the freeway (Interstate 15).  It was of paramount importance that this reconstruction project be completed quickly. The soil conditions at the jobsite are very poor and there was a concern that long term settlement would occur. Up to 3 feet of settlement was expected. If this settlement problem was not solved in a timely manner the people of Brigham City would be inconvenienced for a very long time.

8-8-14 (88) 500 px OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The engineers who designed these embankments came to the conclusion that the best way to solve the settlement problem was to replace heavier conventional fill material with lightweight Geofoam. The weight reduction difference between Geofoam and conventional fill is an astounding 100 to 1 ratio in weight reduction. This difference in weight solved the settlement problem and by so doing kept the project within the desired construction time frame hoped for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 8-8-14 (57) 500 px

Brigham City has changed a great deal since that September day in 1917 when my father was born there. It is now a thriving community of over 18,000 people and is the BoxElderCounty capital.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I was part of a Geofoam project which helped the people of my Fathers home town.

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