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Why Not Tapered EPS?

  By: Nick Harvill, Sales Representative   I recently had an Architect ask me why should they use Foam-Control® PLUS+® Tapered EPS to slope their roofs rather than Polyiso?  My answer was, “Why wouldn’t you use EPS?” It has been proven … Continue reading

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Flute Fillers are Roof Insulation

By: Jim Nugent, Regional Sales Manager Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® roof insulation can be used in a variety of roof assemblies. Fully adhered, mechanically attached membranes. Also green roofs, inverted roofs, protected membranes and many others. Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® is available in … Continue reading

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What Does UL Classified Mean?

By: Tamara Middleton, Sales Representative – Architectural Products UL, Underwriters Laboratories, is an American consulting company that provides certification on the safety and environmental claims of a product.  In order to be classified under UL a product must meet specific … Continue reading

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Why 75 degrees is NOT effective for measuring R-value performance

By: John Cowan, Regional Sales Manager Are you curious why 75 degrees is used as the temperature for measuring R-Value insulation levels? Were you aware of this standard? You may be thinking no one cares. If you are a building … Continue reading

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Specifications – Are they important?

By: Dale Mullikin, Regional Sales Manger Architects, engineers, and contractors all agree that specifications are really important. Specifications are written by architects and engineers to make sure the project is built with appropriate materials and provide details for specific use … Continue reading

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