ACH Foam & Project Diversity!

By:  William Hill, Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam Technologies is one of those companies with all kinds of solutions available for whatever your packaging challenge may be.

Our diversity as an organization is one of our core strengths. With 9 manufacturing locations, a variety of materials to work with, a talented group of people working to create and manufacture new designs we can almost certainly come up with a project solution to meet your objectives.

ACH Foam is both a Shape and Block Molder. We can create options that will utilize both of our core manufacturing capabilities. High volume EPS packaging projects can be custom designed and engineered to give you consistent parts every time and first class aluminum tooling. We can also cut pieces from the EPS foam blocks to give you a fabricated part as an alternative concept for consideration.

ACH Foam provides additional diversity with our two sales organizations. Our Architectual and Construction Team are working on all kinds of projects involving roof insulation, Geofoam, siding and insulation projects. ACH Foam’s Industrial Sales Team are chasing temperature controlled packaging, custom protective packaging, and a whole miscellaneous spectrum of projects. We can for sure get you taken care of!

Let the diversity of ACH Foam and its team members be of assistance to you. Contact ACH Foam Technologies at any one of our offices across the country and you will be directed to an appropriate person who will give you excellent sales service.

Come see us at PackExpo in Chicago, October 29-31! We will be located at Booth #8119! Bring your project concept and let’s talk!

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