New: Low VOC Do-All-Ply Sealant for SIPs

By:  Aaron Weatherbie, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

ACH Foam Technologies has been manufacturing R-Control SIP panels for over 30Low VOC Brochure years. During that time there has not been a lot of changes in the manufacturing or installation process, but there is a change on the horizon.  In 2013, R-Control will have a new Low VOC sealant. The new Do-All-Ply is a premium product that is extremely flexible and unaffected by freeze thaw cycles. The product will now come in 20 oz. sausages and will be applied in a single bead on block spline, top plate, bottom plate, and I-Beam connections. Do-All-Ply provides the critical function of eliminating air movement through the panels at connection points. The new low VOC Do-All-Ply is an elastomeric sealant that contains no solvents or isocyanates. For more information on the changes, please contact your local R-Control Sales representative.  Additional information will be released later this fall once the final transition is made to the new low VOC Do-All-Ply.  In the meantime, here are some valuable resources about the new product:

Low VOC Do-All-Ply Brochure

SIPs Tech Bulletin 2077

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