Interlocking Liner Sets Offer Better Temperature Control

By: Jeff Ingwersen, Inside Sales Support

ACH Foam Technologies has long been known for its diverse packaging solutions but did you know that our technology in packaging design enables us to offer a variety of options for lining and thermo-protecting your shipping containers? EPS foam is known for its R-value or “Thermal Resistance”. In case you are not familiar with the definition of “R-Value”, it basically refers to the foam’s ability to retain hot or cold temperatures for a period of time, but sometimes customers may question if temperature control can be compromised by gaps (spaces) between foam liner pieces.

For example, if a pack is put together and meant to maintain a cool 42 degrees Fahrenheit for 36 hours; gaps between the foam pieces caused by the liner walls moving during the shipping process or unexpected drops could potentially allow the cooler air to escape and warmer air to enter the pack thus causing the internal temperature to rise to undesired levels. Gaps between the foam and unwanted air seeping into the pack are a shipper’s worst nightmare.

ACH Foam’s custom cut Interlocking Foam Liner Sets eliminate the gaps between foam pieces by allowing the liner sides and end pieces to interlock with a simple yet effective Male/Female locking design. This design protects better against drops or carton damage due to shipping or improper handling of the pack. Interlocking liner sets help to insure that the internal temperature of the pack will not be easily compromised. Even the top and bottom pads are designed to be two pieces of foam. (One smaller pad glued to a larger pad) This gives an interlocking element to the top and bottom pad as well so that all six sides of the pack are air tight and solidly constructed giving an overall better integrity to the package. Interlocking pieces means no gaps between the walls of the liner set and no gaps means no unexpected rise or fall of the internal temperature. This bodes especially attractive to food and/or pharmaceutical companies looking to keep internal temperature specifications to within tolerances.

Much like our standard “Pinwheel” liner designs; the interlocking liner sets are available in many different EPS densities and foam thicknesses and if you are not sure what material density or liner thickness you need, please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable sales people and we would be more then happy to recommend the appropriate materials to you.

It’s just another way that ACH Foam Technologies is here for you!!!

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