ACH Foam Technologies and Nova Chemical Team to Bring You ARCEL®

By: Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager

ARCEL® is the brand name of NOVA Chemicals’ PE+PS Inter-Polymer expandable beaded resin.  The unique polymerization technology gives ARCEL® a special structure, which enables the best combination of the resilience, flexibility, solvent resistance, and abrasion resistance of PE combined with the dimensional stability, compressive strength, energy absorption, and processing ease of PS.

Although ARCEL® has non-comparable performance to EPS, the processing of ARCEL is easier and more economical than other types of beaded foams such as EPE and EPP:

  • Can be run anywhere EPS is currently processed
  • Flexible to adjust foam density up to 12pcf
  • The expansion and mold equipment same as EPS
  • Low energy consumption
  • Short cycle time


ARCEL ® resin may help your company reach its sustainability goals by minimizing packaging size and:

  • Decreasing energy consumption during manufacture
  • Lowering fuel usage and emissions
  • Removing trucks from the road (“more product with fewer deliveries”)
  • Source Reduction (less foam; less corrugated)

ARCEL ® resin can be recycled (SPI recognizes ARCEL resin with the number 6 recycling code), and can offer some advantages such as:

Logistic Costs

  • Smaller pack cube:  Same protection with less foam
  • Lower logistic costs:  Smaller pack increases warehousing and shipping density
  • Lower customer return costs:  Reduced real and “perceived” damage


  • Reduced fracturing:  Tear, puncture and flexibility strength
  • Multiple drop performance:  Resilient cushioning performance
  • Reduced rub abrasion:  PE exterior on molded Arcel parts eliminate bagging
  • Less impact to the environment:  Less packaging material, readily recyclable
  • Better customer experience:  No dusting, flaking and fracturing
  • Reusable/returnable totes and material handling trays: Strong and durable, resistant to tearing, puncturing, flaking and fracturing


For additional information, please visit and contact your local ACH Foam sales representative.

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