Foam-Control EPS and Roofing…A Perfect Match!

By:  Steve Del’Nero, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Another year has passed and ACH has seen great growth on the West Coast in the roofing industry. The value that EPS brings to the roofing industry is literally unmatched. Whether looking at the 100% R-Value warranty for 20 years, the cost savings, or versatility in taper applications, EPS roof insulation continues to gain supporters in the commercial roofing industry.

We have seen more support in 2012 for Foam-Control EPS from system manufacturers as well. The support has been growing with GAF, Sarnafil and Duro-Last just to name a few. These manufacturers have started to see the value of EPS based on feedback and support from their contractor base. The commercial roofing industry is a very competitive one, not only for the contractor but for the system manufacturers as well. The building owner is looking for new ideas, cost effective products and long-term support in backing their products.  EPS is a perfect match for this! ACH’s Foam-Control EPS roof insulation is a market leader and recognized brand in the commercial roofing industry.  Due to this, other companies such as those listed above, want to team up with us to show value to their customer base.

Foam-Control EPS has many great uses in roofing, mostly in commercial roofing and in residential as well.  In commercial roofing, we commonly provide tapered or flat EPS. The great benefit to EPS in a tapered environment is that we can create custom pitches for optimal water flow to drains, scuppers or gutters. In comparison, our competitors only provide a cookie cutter line up of panels that are not at all customizable. These products are made in preset slopes and must be layered to achieve the heights needed to create the system! Foam-Control EPS roof insulation is a one layer system up to 36” thick, which typically covers any need that a contractor may have on a flat roof. Another labor saving benefit to EPS is that we can provide our tapered panels in 4’x 8’ whereas the competing product simply offers only 4’x 4’.

Foam-Control EPS is offered in many more versatile products like Flute Filler and SecureTherm.   Flute Filler is completely customizable to whatever size the contractor needs to fill flutes on a metal deck and is used in reroof or new construction projects. Flute Filler is available in square or tapered edge pieces and in a variety of densities. SecureTherm is a great EPS product that achieves a Class A fire rating over a non-combustible deck.  This product is laminated with a FR-10 sheet. ACH even has a product for a steep slope application, it’s called Nailbase. Nailbase is a great product that gives additional R-Value while providing a nailable surface for shingles, tile or metal roofing tile.

As you can see, Foam-Control EPS roof insulation is the proven product to provide value to the building owner. Foam-Control EPS provides great performance while helping to keep your budget on track. If you ever wonder why you lose jobs to competitors, take a look at what they are doing, you very well may find their secret in Foam-Control EPS!!

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