“How We Can Help YOU Grow your Business”

By:  William Hill, Packaging Specialist

What can my team of associates do you for YOU and your business?

1.  Deliver Consistent Quality

ACH Foam Technologies is an organization comprised of hard working people looking out for the interests of its new and potential customers and its extremely valuable current customer base. Your calls and inquiries are very important to us. I see every call as an opportunity to provide you with something that ACH can produce at a price that you are wanting and willing to pay! My team here at ACH will work hard to answer your questions, solve your product needs, manufacture at a price that is competitive, and deliver to you a quality product that we hope you will want to re-order from ACH Foam Technologies again and again.

2.  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

ACH Foam Technologies is working hard to be available to you through its updated web site, its interactive Social Media avenues, and the plain and simple “meet and greets” of our diversely talented staff at trade shows, at industry meetings, or just making contact with you through phone calls and emails. We want to make ourselves available to you in order to find the packaging solution and the right material that will meet you needs.

3. We are Where YOU Are

ACH Foam Technologies is a leader in the EPS industry. With our strategic plant locations, our in house design group, our exceptional quality program, our on site customer service representatives and our sales and support staff working hard for you…..why go anywhere else?

4. Our Enthusiasm is Contageous!

This week while traveling to Minden Nevada outside of Reno (where our West Coast manufacturing facility is located) I met with a customer who claimed “Bill, your support of our product and working with us for a EPS packaging material solution is going to help us grow our business!” His enthusiasm was obvious. His appreciation was sincere. I thanked him for his kind words and wanted him to know that the thanks go to the folks that make it all happen within the ACH organization. His products, with our materials, are shipping internationally and it is a privilege for me to have satisfied the need of the customer. So, “How may I and my team of willing associates help you?”

We look forward to hearing and working with you. Make contact with the representative in your area and let us prove ourselves to you with service, pricing, and exceptional quality product.

ACH looks forward to working with you on solving your EPS packaging solution requirements!

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