See you at the Top

By:  Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

With 2012 winding down and a new year just ahead, it is a time for reflecting on past achievements and preparing for the new and exciting opportunities that lie ahead in 2013 and beyond.

For the ACH Foam Technologies facility located in Gainesville Georgia, the expansion of our molding capabilities required a large investment of time, capital and manpower. As the New Year unfolds, we are excited to roll out our addition of 6 new stock cooler sizes to bolster our Gainesville line. These new offerings will ensure that ACH Foam Technologies will continue to be a major player in the Southeast market and beyond.

The continued support we receive from our customers has been instrumental in making us the industry leader that we are. Without it, we could not have accomplished the goals we set for ourselves this past year. To quote Zig Ziglar, a great motivational speaker that we lost recently, “Our favorite attitude should be gratitude”.

See you at the top of 2013…


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