What are the World’s Best Kept Secrets?

By: Dale Mullikin, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Who knows the formula for Coca-Cola? What herbs and spices are in Kentucky Fried chicken? Did Franco Harris really catch the football in what is called the “immaculate reception”? Who did Carly Simon sing about in her song, “You’re so Vain”? The president of NBC paid $50,000 to find out, but he can’t tell anyone. He can give a clue; the name of the person has the letter “E” in it. Secrets are hard to keep nowadays with so much information showing up on the Internet. Just the other day I talked with an engineer and asked him if he had ever heard of Geofoam and to my surprise he said “NO.”

Geofoam is still one the world’s best kept secrets. So many people think of Styrofoam cups when they see Geofoam and never imagine it could be used to build a road on it. Check out the pictures of I-15 in Utah. I have also told many people, ”You have been sitting on Geofoam and didn’t even know it,” and they look at me funny. I describe movie theaters with stadium seating and explain that most use Geofoam to create the stadium seating. Check out these project profiles. Megaplex 20, Kerosotes Theater, Pella Christian School and UW Student Union.

I love to ask the question, “Have you ever been to Millennium Park in Chicago?” Most know about the shiny bean that is the signature piece of art at Millennium Park. The unknown secret is that the 24-acre park is a green roof that used Geofoam to reduce weight on the parking structure. I often ask people, “Could you fill this room with soil or another traditional fill?” The answer is always, “NO.” I tell them I could fill it with Geofoam. Geofoam can fill lots of spaces and not impact the walls due to little or no lateral pressure from Geofoam.  Check out all these fill projects using Geofoam. Millennium Park, Fidelity Tower and BJC Institute of Health.

Have ever looked at a wall and wondered what is behind it? Probably not, but you might be surprised to find that Geofoam could be behind that wall. Geofoam can be used to stabilize walls and reduce the amount of structural reinforcement needed in that wall. Check out these projects; Judge Memorial High School, Biscuit Creek and Cathedral  Renovation.

Geofoam is one of the best kept secrets in the construction world, but to many it is the solution they have been looking for to fix the problem they are facing. So let’s get the word out and let the world know that Geofoam is not a secret anymore.

About Dale Mullikin

Dale Mullikin has been in the EPS business for 14 years. He has done hundreds of educational Lunch & Learns for architects and engineers all over the midwest.
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