20-Year, 100% R-Value Warranty

By:  Aaron Weatherbie, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

I have been a part of the construction industry for many years and have often wondered why EPS has so much competition in the rigid insulation market. There are several reasons why I believe that EPS should be the preferred rigid insulation. The biggest reason for me is because of the 20-year, 100% R-Value warranty.

Over the years I have had many people say to me that they were thinking about using XPS or ISO over EPS because it has a higher R-value. When someone says that to me, the first question I ask is: do they know the warranted R-Value of XPS or ISO? Most of the time they are surprised to find out that the warranted R-value is less than the advertised R-value. The warranted R-value of XPS and ISO can be 10 to 20 percent less than the advertised R-Value, and in some cases even more.

If you compare the warranted R-value of all the 25 PSI rigid insulation products you may be surprised when you see the results. If the warranted R-values were the same for all three products, but EPS cost less, which one would you choose? When I am speaking to my customers, I want to make sure they understand that there is a difference between warranted R-Value and advertised R-Value. EPS is the only rigid insulation that has a 100% R-Value warranty for 20-years.

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