Product Development or Product “Creation”

By:  Bill Hill, Packaging Specialist

At ACH, when we are challenged with a new project, we embrace it. We want to be sure that the product ideas are designed properly, are tested thoroughly, and produced with the highest integrity within our industry. It is an arduous process but in the end we want to be sure your product performs well within our packaging solution and that our packaging solution is the right solution for what the market demands.

Case in point, ACH is now in the re-development phase of our Summer WineLoc Shipper. We are taking the system that was created last year and fine tuning it for 2013. What we learned from last year’s project is that we needed to make some modifications to the inside of our shipper and tweak our gel pack system to avoid some reoccurring problems with the packaging design. Problems, at ACH, are opportunities for improvement! We have learned from the feedback from the marketplace and are excited about the changes to the WineLoc Summer Shipper for 2013. Before we make changes to our six pack we are making samples of the intended changes, doing thorough rigorous temperature testing, and performing 3A drop testing to be sure that we are making the correct changes. Once we have met the testing criteria based on our performance expectations we will commence with making the changes to the tooling to be have a product in time to meet market demand.

Additionally, based on market input, we will be introducing a 2 PK Summer WineLoc…but not before it is tried, tested, dropped, and evaluated. Our thorough and internal testing criteria are to ensure that what we offer in the marketplace is worthy of the ACH name. It is ultimately our reputation that is at stake and we want to be sure we put our best foot forward. This process of concept to market can be time consuming and exhaustive. It is the ACH way!

ACH is able to provide its customers all the resources needed to develop your next project idea. In house design expertise, testing in our state of the art temperature chamber, drop testing capabilities, performance evaluations, prototyping, all with the goal in mind of meeting form, fit and function that our customers set out before us.
Contact your ACH Representative for more information on how we can help with your new product idea or to get more information on WineLoc or our Summer Wine Loc program!

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