Bean Bag Paradise

By: Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager

As one of the largest processors of EPS in North America, ACH Foam is uniquely positioned to service your needs for EPS fill for patio furniture seating cushions, therapeutic cushions, pillows, and bean bag furniture.

EPS is the preferred fill for bean bag furniture because it is low cost, chemically inert, non toxic, will not absorb moisture, and does not support mold or mildew growth.

With densities ranging from .4 lbs per cu. ft to 3 lbs per cu. ft., and bead sizes ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm, ACH has the widest variety of options available in the industry.

ACH Foam has 8 locations strategically located across the U.S. to reduce freight costs and transit time to your fulfillment center.

We invite you to contact your local ACH Foam sales representative to see how we can service your needs. This can be done by clicking on the link below, then clicking on Pkg and OEM Products, and clicking on a state.

Learn more about engineered EPS OEM components.

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  1. ramdin says:

    Nice Post!!!
    I like beans for bean bag… bean bags are very comfortable to seat..
    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog…

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