ACH has you covered for the Summer shipping season!

By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam Technologies is here to help you this summer with shipping your temperature sensitive product.  Duratherm insulated shipping containers, Duratherm gel packs, and Wineloc product is available to ease any concerns your company might have for shipping in the summer season.

Duratherm Coolers:

Stock items are available at many of the ACH facilities across the country. Custom coolers are an option as well! ACH’s Duratherm coolers will provide the best combination of product protection and thermal value.

You have the cooler, now you need something to keep the product cold….

Duratherm Gel Packs:

ACH has gel pack sizes ranging from 8 oz up to 48 oz to cover your temperature needs. Duratherm gel packs are specially developed, non-toxic, gel refrigerant that is cost effective and ready to use.

Product has shipped, now its time to kick back with some wine…

Wineloc Wine Packaging:

Nobody wants to drink hot wine, so make sure your wine is shipping in ACH’s Summer Wine Shipper! ACH has a 2 pack & 6 pack Summer Wine Shipper that will keep your wine from getting to hot during transit. These shippers will last 72 hours and have passed ISTA 7E temperature lab test along with ISTA 3A drop tests. Your wine will arrive in temperature and protected from damage when you us ACH’s Wineloc shippers!

Please contact your local ACH sales representative for more information on any of these temperature related products.

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