Time to Get in Shape!

By: Dale Mullikin, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Across the country people are getting in shape by running, riding bikes, taking fitness and nutrition classes, or eating better. All those methods solve health problems. Expanded Polystyrene solves problems as well. When designers want architectural designs and shapes on buildings they turn to EPS for architectural shapes and designs.

ACH Foam Technologies EPS solves many construction and design challenges, in addition to adding beauty to residential and commercial buildings. ACH EPS has unlimited design possibilities, making it the perfect insulation for Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), Stucco Exterior Wall Systems, and Architectural Shapes.

EPS meets or exceeds tough exterior wall specifications and has been used in the construction industry for over 40 years. ACH Foam Technologies EPS is manufactured with a flat, smooth and square structure to meet ASTM E2430, resulting in reduced labor needed to install and prepare a wall for the coatings applications. ACH Foam Technologies can provide Perform GuardĀ® EPS, a proven and safe additive that effectively resists termites.

ACH simplifies the design and estimating process for Wall Specification Grade EPS by utilizing innovative computerized technology to accurately design and fabricate shapes for your project.

The next time you think about designing shapes for your project, consider using EPS from ACH Foam Technologies. It will be a lot easier than the workout that will get you into shape.

About Dale Mullikin

Dale Mullikin has been in the EPS business for 14 years. He has done hundreds of educational Lunch & Learns for architects and engineers all over the midwest.
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