Summer WineLoc: Ship it “Cool”!

By:  William Hill, Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam Technologies’ latest project is in production and ready in time for shipping wine
during the summer months!

We took last year’s successful program and tweaked it based on industry input to provide you with a better “system” for shipping wine during the summer months. The input we gained helped to take our system to a new level of industry acceptance for shipping wine safely at a temperature that won’t harm the valuable wine contents.

ACH Foam’s summer WineLoc® is a specific packaging solution. It was created to solve the problem of how to ship a temperature sensitive product safely when the outside temperature is high, and get it from point A to Point B without breakage. To avoid wine exceeding a safe temperature and harming the wine ACH Foam’s summer WineLoc® has been created. Our design, with input from industry leaders, distributors and freight carriers has helped to make this a solid and dependable program. Our wine shippers have been tested to meet stringent industry testing. For temperature testing we tested to the rigorous ISTA 7E Summer Profile. We also received certification of a ISTA 3A drop test on the packaging system to be certain that your product is shipped in a package that will avoid content damage. Our packaging passed the tests and now ACH has it available to you!

The summer WineLoc® shipper comes in a 2 PK and 6 PK versions. We are also able to sell you a 12 PK version which is two 6 Packs in one large carton. We provide the specially designed foam already in a corrugated box and have the specially designed gel packs on hand to ship with your order.

For more information on this product category please go to Additionally, you may contact your local ACH Representative for more information or to request samples.

ACH Foam Technologies: In the business of creating solutions to industry demands. Summer WineLoc: a great solution for shipping wine safely, competitively, and securely.

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