New Custom Shape Molding Operation Shines in Iowa

By: Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

In January of 2012, our Washington, Iowa plant started offering our customers custom molded EPS products in addition to the current EPS fabricated products.  Over a year has passed since this most recent addition and it has been a huge success.

The 40,000 square foot addition has filled up quickly and we are still looking for new applications to help fill the extra press capacity.

The new addition provides the following expanded capacities:

  • 50% more capacity for expanded bead in controlled heat room.
  • 100% more capacity for storage of cured materials.
  • Better service for existing customers in the Iowa and surrounding states.

ACH Foam Technologies would like to thank all our loyal customers for making this expansion a success!  Contact us to learn more about our custom molded EPS options.

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