Tornados and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

By:  Rick Shinn, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

With the recent devastating tornado activity in Moore, Oklahoma I thought it would be  a good time to bring up a previous post from a year go.  An article I wrote titled  “Tornado  Alley?….or SUPERHIGHWAY! It discussed the frequent and more widespread tornado activity in the United States and how construction with Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs can contribute to building a more tornado proof structure.

The EF5 tornado that touched down in Moore last month claimed lives and destroyed 1,150 homes and 2 elementary schools. Even after a more powerful storm struck the same area in 1999, few of the homes and neither of the schools had tornado shelters or safe rooms. The mayor of Moore is attempting to pass an ordinance requiring shelters or safe rooms to be designed in all new building projects. ICFs can provide an important part of that new construction.

SIPs & ICF Compatibility

Along with the ICFs, I want to bring up the benefits of R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs are another EPS based product that is compatible with ICFs for both residential and commercial construction. SIPs are constructed from sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which are laminated to each side of a sheet of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation. The resulting panel is not only a strong structural element but can be fabricated in a number of thicknesses, providing a variety of R-Values to match your needs.

These characteristics make Structural Insulated Panels in a roofing applications  perfect match with ICF walls. The combination of these two EPS building products will not only provide a safer and more storm resistant structure, they will also provide year round energy efficiency. That efficiency in itself is enough reason to build with this combination of products.

Energy cost savings and a structurally strong building…….That’s a winning combination.

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