Three-Dimensional Drama for Merchandising, Display and Set Design

By:  Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager

2011 Home & Garden Show EPS Foam Pirate Ship Complete with Pyrotechnics.

ACH Foam Technologies Foam-Control EPS makes an ideal medium for small or large three-dimensional display pieces.  It is easy to fabricate and craft.  Lightweight EPS can be dyed, coated, painted, textured and carved.

Lightweight EPS display elements reduce shipping costs.  Assembling and moving large elaborate displays without expensive equipment is easy with Foam-Control EPS.

ACH Foam Technologies’ CNC hotwire fabricating systems duplicate any design with accurate, consistent, and smooth efficiency.  The advanced technology of our fabricating methods and the experience of the ACH Foam staff ensures your special shapes can be produced quickly and economically.

ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control EPS contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s, is chemically inert, fully recyclable, and waste to energy safe.  Contact your local ACH representative to see how we can put your display or set design on the “fast track”.

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3 Responses to Three-Dimensional Drama for Merchandising, Display and Set Design

  1. Rob Corring says:

    This is a really cool display. I am looking for something like this for an outdoor portion of my office. Is there a ball park price for something like this?

    • Mary A. Burk says:

      All of our displays are custom built. Where are you located? I can connect you with someone at our nearest plant to you.

  2. Amy Richardson says:

    I am very interested in the EPS foam pirate ship display complete with pyrotechnics. I found a picture of this from the 2011 Home and Garden show through an online search. I need pirate decor for a theme wedding. If you could get back to me with some pricing I would appreciate it. The wedding would be on October 29th in Kansas City. I realize that is not much time so I understand if it is not feasible.

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