EPS and Roofing – A Perfect Pair

By: Steve Del’Nero, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

ACH Foam’s EPS has many uses in construction applications but one of the most versatile is using it in steep slope commercial roofing. Adding slope to a roof is very important and is becoming more and more common in specifications. The additional weight of water causes immediate and long-term damage to a flat roof, when combined with sunshine directly hitting the standing water, this causes damage to the roofing membrane. ACH Foam manufactures EPS in many different densities and types of products that can fit virtually any need.

ACH Foam’s EPS can be used as flat roof insulation that provides great R-Value, and unlike other insulations, EPS can be manufactured in single layer sheets up to 36” thick! This saves quite a bit of labor for the contractor as it means less sheets handled, saves labor for the distributor since there are fewer sheets which means faster loading times, and lastly saves money as additional fasteners or adhesives aren’t required to layer the sheets.

Tapered EPS roof insulation is what we see as the most common use.  It solves the biggest issue presented to building owners, specifiers, architects and contractors.   No matter what the existing roof has in terms of original construction, when it comes to the roof deck, tapered EPS can be used to shed the water. ACH Foam has tapered roof design professionals on staff that specialize in creating systems specific to each roof! With all of the different densities and tapered options, ACH Foam’s tapered EPS roof insulation can solve any ponding water issue.

Another common need that contractors have is to fill in a metal deck when installing a new roof. ACH Foam can assist here too, no matter the thickness and width of the flutes, custom cut Flute Filler can be used to create a flat roof area. Flute Filler can be cut as square edge or even with a tapered edge if a complete void fill is required. This product can also be cut in any type of density.

ACH Foam also has a line of products called Polar-R. We can manufacture these in sheets with many types of facers; such as polypropylene, polyester and foil. We also manufacture a Polar Fold product that is used primarily as a roofing recover board this product is PVC membrane compatible and has facers that are polypropylene on one side and polyester on the other.

Unlike any other insulation type, ACH Foam’s EPS never loses any R-Value! When a building owner purchases a new roof, R-Value and energy efficiency is very important, so why not buy a product that gives the performance that is being paid for and lasts a lifetime? At ACH Foam we back our EPS with a 50 Year, 100% R-Value warranty, that warranty is unmatched in the industry! After reading this, I believe the choice is clear; ACH Foam’s EPS is the best option for roof insulation.

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    It seems like this would be the best insulation to go with, even roofing contractors indianapolis suggest it sometimes

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