EPS in Living Color

By:  Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

Melted Crayons on EPS Foam Board by Jessica Kerbawy

Occasionally I get a request for EPS in a certain color. Last week I had several. The applications for color EPS varies from construction, arts and crafts, packaging and displays. While it may seem there is a need to be filled in the marketplace from time to time, there is not enough volume for most processors of EPS to make it. The big drawback for us is contamination. Unless EPS plants can set up a dedicated production line (expanders, holding bags, transfer lines, block molds) for each color produced, there will be cross contamination.

Even with due diligence, trying to clean out the system results in different color beads showing up in your finished product for months to come. Since we produce and ship large quantities of DuraTherm® foam coolers and 6 piece thermal carton liners to pharmaceutical and food shippers, it is very important that these EPS parts are clean and free of dirt or foreign objects. Any visible specks of a color bead in these traditionally white products will look like mold or bugs in the foam.

So, to paraphrase an old Henry Ford quote, you can have any color EPS foam from ACH Foam Technologies, as long as it is white….

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