We Told You so….!

By:  Jim Nugent, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Starting in 2014 Polysio manufacturers will be publishing lower R-values for their products. These lower R-values are a result of new test procedures used to try and predict the long term R-Values of Polyiso insulation.

Important Note: These new lower Iso R-values do not apply to EPS! EPS R-values are the same they have been since the product’s inception in the 1950’s.  For several years now the sales and marketing team at ACH Foam Technologies has been educating architects consultants and contractors that the R values published by the manufacturers of Polyiso insulation are too high.  If you look back through our blog site you will find many great articles that explain how we have arrived at this point and why published Iso R-values are now lower.

So, lets look forward to the problems that can arise from these new, lower Polyiso R-values and how Foam-Control EPS roof insulation can be the solution.

Certainly the cost for commercial roof systems will increase. If only Polyiso roof insulation is used in a roof assembly, building owners could conservatively see increases of 7-10% in the cost of insulation in their roof; insulation being one of the most expensive portions of a roof assembly.  Contractors will be challenged on what to do with projects that bid at the old R-values and won’t be installed until after the 2014 R-Values go in to affect.

How can EPS provide solutions? Certainly completely replacing Polyiso with EPS in a roof assembly would result the greatest savings. The membrane attachment method will dictate if a cover board will be needed.  Another very simple way to hold the line on cost would be to use a base layer of Foam-Control EPS roof insulation and a top layer of Polyiso. This hybrid insulation approach gives the contractor may options on membrane attachment.

Without question the best way to move water on a roof is using tapered Foam-Control EPS. The labor savings using the larger EPS pieces and pre-fabricated saddles is substantial. Add to that the premium paid for tapered Polyiso and you will see Foam-Control EPS is a clear choice for tapered roof insulation. The same hybrid approach can be used with tapered EPS and Polyiso as the coverboard.

A few other important reminders: Foam Control EPS roof insulation has national code acceptance, can be part of fully warranted roof systems, and can be used in virtually all roof assemblies including green roofs.

For the sales and marketing team there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes when you realize your message has been heard and more accurate R-values are developing…The greater satisfaction will come when architects, consultants and contractors begin to take full advantage of the benefits of EPS roof insulation and regularly incorporate Foam-Control EPS in their roof designs.

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