EcoSix Quality Assurance Testing

By:  Brian Oates, Corporate Quality System Manager

About EcoSix – recycled molding bead

  • EcoSix is a recycled molding bead resin manufactured by Rapac.   Ecosix has made it possible for ACH to provide the first ever 60% recycled content EPS Packaging products to the market.EcoSix Logo

EcoSix vs Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

  • We have been working on a quality assurance continual improvement project that has involved testing EcoSix recycled bead to ensure that the packaging products manufactured out of EcoSix meet the same level of quality as those manufactured out of EPS.

Environmental Testing:

  • Using an ESPEC environmental test chamber, we conducted side by side studies of coolers made out of EcoSix resin to coolers made out of EPS resin to evaluate how the EcoSix product compares in temperature control applications
  • The ISTA 7D Heat 48 Hour Test was used to compare the EcoSix to EPS.   ISTA 7D is the testing standard for thermal transport packaging used in parcel delievery system.
  • The environmental test results showed the EcoSix to be almost identical to the EPS.

Compressive Testing:

  • We cut samples out of Type VIII EPS parts and out EcoSix parts and sent them to an ISO 17,025 certified testing facility to compare compressive results to ASTM C 578.
  • The lab tested to the parts and and found that the EcoSix parts passed the ASTM C 578 standard for Type VIII EPS compressive resistance at 10% deformation.
  • The results showed the compressive strength of the EcoSix to be comparable to the results of the EPS samples.


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