Where’s the Beef?

By: Dale Mullikin, Sales Representative – Architectural Products Not all of you remember the Wendy’s commercial from 1984. The woman who said, “Where’s the Beef?” went on to be a an overnight sensation across the country. The bun was big, but the meat was tiny—the sandwich had no substance! The elderly lady keeps asking, “Where’s the beef?” Watch the link. She went on to make many commercials for Wendy’s.

What does that have to do with Foam-Control Plus+? In Structural Prestressed Concrete Wall Panels insulation is used in between concrete panels. You might say it is the beef of the sandwich panel. Foam-Control Plus+ offers many densities and thicknesses to meet the specific needed R-value.  Check out the Foam-Control Plus+ tech data sheet.

Many times a specifier wants thicker insulation than standard insulation. Foam-Control Plus+ can be manufactured at thicknesses of .75 inches to 36 inches. Any thickness can be met! Typical insulation is limited to two inches. If a specifier needs an R-20 wall, standard insulation has to be layered.  Foam-Control Plus+ can meet R-20 with one layer of insulation.

Foam-Control Plus+ also offers Structural Prestressed Concrete Panel manufacturers custom lengths to match their bed size. With that they can eliminate seams, which cause thermal breaks in the panel.  The bottom line is this — Foam-Control Plus+ is the right choice for Structural Prestressed Concrete Panel manufacturers. Foam-Control Plus+ is the beef and you will never hear anyone ask, “Where’s the beef?” when you use Foam-Control Plus+ for your insulation in a Structural Prestressed Concrete Panel.

About Dale Mullikin

Dale Mullikin has been in the EPS business for 14 years. He has done hundreds of educational Lunch & Learns for architects and engineers all over the midwest.
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