Continuous Insulation Made to Order

By: ┬áPat Austin, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

As code officials contemplate how to improve the performance of our buildings, they have come to realize the importance of minimizing interruptions to the insulation envelope. These interruptions, often referred to as “thermal bridges”, reduce the effective R-value of a wall or roof assembly. To address this, newer versions of the IECC energy code mandate the use of continuous insulation in addition to cavity wall insulation in order to reduce the effect of thermal bridging.

As building designers wrestle with how to achieve the continuous insulation mandate, they have a readily available solution right at their fingertips. EIFS, or exterior insulation and finish systems, are ready-made solutions to the continuous insulation problem. Using a combination of Foam-Control EPS insulation, fiberglass mesh, and trowel or spray applied coatings, a wide variety of finishes can be achieved. EIFS brands include Dryvit, STO, Parex, Finestone, Senergy, and Total Wall, among others. Check out this innovative solution to the continuous insulation mandate today.

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BSIE from Marquette University in 1986, MSMSE from UW Madison in 1989. General contractor for 13 years before joining the ACH Foam team in 2007. Married to Kelly, with four sons.
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  1. Kyler Brown says:

    I have a building that needs to have continuous insulation because of the mandates. I’ve never heard of EIFS, but it sounds like it uses several good materials. This would be worth checking more into so thanks for sharing this.

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