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By: Aaron Weatherbie, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

ACH Foam Technologies has been a manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels for over 30 years. During that time we have manufactured SIP’s much the same way.  Many builders have been building stick framed houses for much longer and still believe conventional framing is the way to go. There are many reasons why building with SIP’s is a better way to go.

SIP panels provide continuous insulation without thermal breaks every 16” or 24”.  If you have a thermal break every 16” and are filling the wall with R-13 insulation you actually end up with whole wall R-Value of around 9.6.  If the studs were spaced at 24” your whole wall R-Value would increase to 9.8. A 4 ½” SIP panel has an R-Value of 16 and with fewer deductions for thermal bridging it can out-perform a 2×6 conventional framed wall with R-19 insulation.

Air infiltration is another reason why building your home with Structural Insulated Panels will give you a better home.  Less air infiltration leads to a quieter more energy efficient structure.  When air infiltration is reduced the noise stays outside. This can give you a much quieter home. Also, reduced air infiltration leads to a more energy efficient home.  When the cold air or hot air is being kept outside your heating and cooling expenses are being reduced.

Read more about Structural Insulated Panels in our technical brochure.
SIP Panels are available in many sizes and provide continuous insulation. SIP panels are produced with Expanded Polystyrene and come with a 50 year R-Value warranty and a 20 year Structural warranty. The panels are manufactured with very tight tolerances and will allow you to build a better more energy efficient structure. SIP structures are quieter and more comfortable.

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