And Now Taking the Stage………..GEOFOAM!

By:  Rick Shinn, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Well, not really taking the stage, but how about literally holding it up. When it comes to EPS Geofoam, most of the buzz is centered on the large volume civil and transportation applications. And rightfully so! It is after all quite amazing that a modern highway or light rail system can be fully supported by Expanded Polystyrene Foam. But what about the much more common application of supporting elevated concrete slabs in commercial structures.

Thanksgiving Point Theatre

Thanksgiving Point Theatre. Geofoam floor elevation fill & ICF wall construction.

The economic struggles of the past few years has had a significant negative impact on construction overall, but one of the most consistent segments was, and continues to be, education and religious facilities. And as we know, either from having kids or our own childhood, that every school has a stage. That stage is general elevated 18” to 36” inches above the typical finished floor elevation, and is reached by stair risers and ramps. Most churches will also have a stage or elevated pulpit and many will also include choir risers. All of these elevated floors are perfect applications for EPS Geofoam. And when covered by a concrete slab the Geofoam will provide a durable and quiet floor for many years to come.

I recently ran across a school project with an elevated floor and risers supported by metal wall framing which was then covered by two layers of plywood. I took a minute to think about how this would actually be constructed and how many separate pieces of framing would be required. Not to mention the hundreds of floor anchors and screws that would be needed to complete the on site construction. On top of that, literally, layers of plywood which I would expect to begin squeaking at some point in the future. Compare that to the ease of placing large blocks of EPS Geofoam, each with markings corresponding to a complete placing drawing. Blocks are pre-cut to the proper depth to form the stage or risers, and if applicable tapered to fit under ramps. Fewer pieces, very little if any field fabrication and immediately ready to cover with concrete. Another big plus for EPS Geofoam in these applications is the ability to use lighter, more economical densities, due to the floors not being subjected to large loads.

  • Easy placement of large pre-cut Geofoam blocks reduced
    labor cost
  • Easy placement of large pre-cut Geofoam blocks speeds
    construction schedule
  • Easy placement of large pre-cut Geofoam blocks can
    be performed by the concrete contractor
  • Did I mention the easy placement of large pre-cut
    Geofoam blocks?

GEOFOAM – take a bow!

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