ACH Foam Steps Up to the Plate with EPE Packaging

By:  Ryan Olson, Packaging Specilaist

ACH Foam is growing in custom molded expanded polyethylene (EPE) for many government jobs.  The government has many old specifications from the 60’s and 70’s for materials being used to package everything from ammunition to digital machines for the hearing impaired.  Foam resin material advancements in the marketplace have allowed us to meet very tight specifications with new materials, offering faster cycles and overall lower labor cost to produce parts .  With this said ACH Foam is able to offer the government and its many contractors new solutions in EPE and EPS that meet all the military requirements often referred to by CID A-A-59136.  ACH Foam is doing its part to help with government spending by offering lower cost solutions utilizing shape-molding equipment and new materials.


  • Faster processing of complex parts compared to tradition PE plant extruded sheets that were once die-cut or routered.
  • Lower labor cost.
  • Better quality parts with no lamination like you would see with PE plank parts.

Here at ACH Foam we have worked hard to get all of our certifications up to standards.


  • ISO 9001-2008 registered in Iowa and Wisconsin
  • S.A.M
  • Cage Code 6UDG9 (Iowa Facility)
  • Small Business Entity

Let ACH Foam know how we can help you in this area by matching very precise government specifications with new materials in the market.

Learn more about expended polyethylene (EPE) packaging.

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