Packaging Design in a 3-D World

By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

The design stage is the most important step of the packaging process.  How well would your packaging survive transit without having a product specifically designed to protect your shipment? ACH Foam Technologies has an inside design department on staff that is designing new packaging concepts on daily basis.

Our designers utilize 3-D software to determine the perfect configuration to protect your product.  Gone are the days of two dimensional drawings. With our 3-D capabilities, you can see the entire part, all sides by rotating the 3-D model.  This allows you to see exactly how the packaging concept will work and if it will be the best solution for you packaging application.

ACH Foam Technologies can design special shape cuts, profiles, corners and architectural shapes.  3-D designs can be accomplished with shape molded or fabricated packaging concepts.

Benefits of the 3-D drawing:

  • Ability to see complete packaging concept
  • Can zoom and rotate part to inspect all aspects of the drawing
  • Eliminates the need of a prototype until final revision of drawing
  • Allows customer’s design or engineering department to review all aspects of the part

Here are some 3-D packaging/OEM concept drawings:


Please contact your local ACH salesperson for more information.

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