Seeing is Believing

By:  Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

This week in my personal email file I received a video from a friend that showed how baseballs are made. It really gives an inside look at all the processes that go into manufacturing a product that people want, need, and desire.

As a salesman for ACH Foam Technologies, a leading manufacturer of expanded polystyrene foam packaging, I have the pleasure of engaging with a wide range of packaging distributors; specifically, the individual sales reps for these companies. All of these reps have a large offering of products, each with specific manufacturing parameters. One way I like to offer my service is to invite them to our facility in Gainesville, Georgia for a plant tour. This enables the distributor reps to see how our products are made and packaged, giving them an advantage when speaking with the decision makers they encounter daily.

During the plant tour they are able to view how our line of DuraTherm stock coolers is made – from a jumbo bag of sugar-sized EPS beads to the finished molded cooler that carries flu vaccines to a doctor’s office or healthy meals to the home bound. Visitors will also preview our CNC fabrication process in which we take a large billet of EPS foam and convert it into the packaging protection components that house lighting fixtures, monitor screens, or decorative mirrors.

I strongly encourage our distributors and customers to invest a small amount of their time to visit us and get a behind-the-scene tour of what goes into making EPS packaging products. The time spent acquiring the knowledge of how EPS packaging is made will result in increased sales for you and effective solutions for your customer’s application.

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