TUG 2014 (The United Group) National Conference (April 6-9, 2014)

By: Dennis Smith – Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam Technologies will be attending our second annual TUG (The United Group) Conference in San Diego April 6-9, 2014 as a Preferred Supplier.

Last year’s conference was an overall success for the various ACH regions represented at the Conference by Ryan Olsen (Washington, IA / 515-778-2476 / rolson@achfoam.com) and Dennis Smith (Denver, CO / 720-219-1323 / dsmith@achfoam.com). This year we will be joined by Keith Baechle (Regional Sales Manager, 913-634-4677 / kbaechle@achfoam.com ).

Last year’s TUG Conference, allowed us the opportunity to reach out to a number of potential customers in a very short period of time. Many of these contacts have resulted in partnerships that have benefited both members and suppliers alike in an environment of products, service and profitability for everyone.

The United Group (TUG) is comprised of companies who make up a nationwide network of members and suppliers who work together to promote mutually beneficial and hopefully, long-term relationships as well as future business opportunities.

By accessing The United Group website, there’s information provided in order to join either the Nationwide Buying Group or to become a Preferred Supplier.

The benefits for a Member Buyer are savings through collective buying; easy and immediate access to a variety of top quality products and services as well as ongoing professional support from select suppliers who can be of immense value to both buyer and supplier.

For the Preferred Supplier, you are immediately put in touch with people who would otherwise take a considerable amount of time and effort to schedule appointments, set meetings and develop relationships; in other words, people who make the decisions. The ability to find new and potentially rewarding markets through direct and indirect contact in a relatively short period of time is invaluable.

ACH Foam Technologies has 8-locations throughout the United States and can ship to most parts of the country. Please visit us at www.achfoam.com and please join us for a rewarding business opportunity in beautiful San Diego, CA.

Other locations are represented by highly professional and knowledgeable ACH Foam Packaging Specialists:

Greg Aron (Fond du Lac, WI / 847-533-5953 / garon@achfoam.com )
Bill Hill (McCarren, NV / 775-219-8484 / whill@achfoam.com )
Chris Benson (Kansas City, KS / 816-797-3003 / cbenson@achfoam.com )
Joe Kurz (Gainesville, GA / 404-514-2358 / jkurz@achfoam.com )

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