New FrogMill Router Helps ACH Leap Past the Competition

By:  Keith Baechle, Regional Sales Manager

ACH Foam is proud to introduce a new piece of equipment to our Fond du Lac, Wisconsin plant.  Arriving the week of 3/17, a FrogMill 4 Axis router will add additional capabilities to the facility.

leapfrogThis new piece of equipment will enable ACH Foam to CNC mill prototypes for many EPS disciplines:  shape molded parts, lost foam shapes, and architectural details.  The CNC router will eliminate our need for an outside source to produce these prototypes and will increase our quote-to-sample production efficiency.  The FrogMill is capable of producing parts up to 16” x 72” x 120” in size.

Staff training with the new router is scheduled the week of 3/24 with production targeted to begin the first week of April.

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