DuraTherm Insulated Shipping Containers

By: William Hill, Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam’s line of insulated shipping containers is available to be used for the products you need to be protected by temperature changes.  Whether it’s a cooler from our wide variety of standard sizes or a custom-designed insulated shipping container, let ACH Foam Technologies provide you with the best combination of protection and thermal value.  ACH Foam is the quality source!

ACH Foam has several sizes of insulated shipping containers in stock and ready for use.  Our sizes range from an ID of 8” x 6” x 5” to as large as 21.5” x 13.5” x 12.5”.  Most sizes are made with a beefy 1.5” wall thickness, made in 1.25/pcf EPS density and manufactured to tight standards for product integrity for temperature control and for a quality presentation to your valued clients.  ACH Foam can evaluate your cooler needs and shipping methods to design a custom sized cooler.  Our in house test lab can provide valuable insight about how your pack-out will perform, provide validation feedback, and drop testing results.

Benefits of ACH’s line of stock insulated coolers or custom coolers include:

-Environmentally Friendly EPS : Totally recyclable.

-Tested for transit considerations / performance results.

-Interlocking Lids

-Protection and Thermal Value:  Tested!

-Quality Consistency

-Industry recognized design

-IATA Certification

-Custom Imprinted Logos on Request

-Sold as foam only coolers (base & lid) or kitted (foam assembled in corrugated).

ACH Foam’s line of coolers, whether stock or special order, are available in a variety of sizes to meet virtually any need.  Along with our variety of cooler offerings we can supply you with corrugated, gel packs, and packaging fulfillment.

See a complete list of stock coolers.  In many instances ACH Foam manufactures specific sizes in multiple locations for your convenience.

For additional answers to your important questions regarding ACH Foam’s line of insulated coolers, please contact a Product Representative in your area.

We look forward to being your insulated shipping container supplier.

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