Polar-R®: The right rigid insulation for your siding project

By: Aaron Weatherbie, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Polar-R® has long been the preferred insulation for commercial and residential siding projects. The 4’ x 8’ sheets add continuous insulation and are designed to give you flat and level surface to attach your siding. Polar-R® can be used on new construction and remodel projects. When using Polar-R® you are increasing the building’s energy efficiency and providing an effective weather resistive barrier.

The tough film facers that are heat laminated to the EPS are what create the weather resistive barrier. The films also make the product very durable for easy installation in tough weather conditions. Wind can be very problematic when installing rigid insulation. The film facers give Polar-R® added strength which allows the material to bend and helps to prevent it from breaking.

Polar-R® is made with Expanded Polystyrene and is the only rigid insulation that provides a 50-year 100% R-value warranty. EPS is a stable product that will retain all of its R-value. EPS is one of the most energy efficient insulations per dollar used in the construction industry and will provide a lifetime of energy savings.

Benefits of Polar-R® Siding Underlayment

*Superior Moisture Resistance
*Continuous Level Surface
*Energy Efficient
*Less Cost Per R-value
*Durable and Strong
*Easy to Handle & Install
*Termite Resistant
*Environmentally Friendly

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