ACH Foam Provides Rays of Hope

By:  Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

For the past nine years, my family has heard the word foam and ACH many times.  My daughter recently asked if she could help me write my next blog article about ACH Foam Technologies providing fabricated EPS foam to the Lutheran Church of Hope.  Sure, why not!  A new perspective never hurts and it saves me from doing some writing.  Enjoy:

Hi, I am Jenna Olson.  I’m 10 years old and live in West Des Moines, Iowa.  I can’t wait to tell you how much ACH Foam rocks! 

One day while I was at church my dad pointed out that the circles near the back of the stage were made with ACH Foam’s EPS!  I also learned that there was a cool lighting effect on the foam to make it glow and that it has recycled material. That is amazing!

ACH Foam circles at HopeCROP  ACH Foam

Do you see the circles in the back of the stage?  Guess what that is?  ACH’s Foam! 

Hope is my church and I love it.  ACH Foam is helping Hope design their stage.  I was glad when I found out that my dad was providing Hope with foam so that every time I went to church I could see it.  It also means more fun work for everyone. Maybe even me one day!

When you think about walking into your church, look at the stage and picture the ACH Foam circles at Hope!  And remember, ACH Foam can always lend a hand.

— Jenna Olson

ACH Foam offers our fabricated EPS products in .70 pcf to 3.1# pcf that can be wire cut into a variety of shapes and thicknesses.   We can find you the right solution from our wide range of block sizes.    As you can see in the photos our natural clean white color of fabricated EPS foam makes a unique lighting contrast color experience.

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