Should you Specify FSC Certified OSB for SIPS?

By:  John Cowan, Regional Sales Manager

As R-Control Structural Insulated Panels continue to be an important component used to accumulate points in LEED Certified projects, FSC OSB is often specified.  But should it?

1) In order for the SIPs to be FSC certified there must be chain of custody from the mill to the SIP producer.

2) No SIP producer is certified to continue the chain; therefore, no LEED points would be gained.

3) Supply of FSC OSB is limited; therefore, the cost is very high relative to SIP grade OSB.

4) In an older version of LEED there was specific reference to Poplar OSB as being a strategy for meeting rapidly renewable materials. OSB is not produced out of wood from old growth forests.  Learn more about SIPs and LEED by reading Tech Bulletin 2060.

So, why go to the additional expense of requiring FSC OSB facings on SIPS when no additional LEED points will be acquired? DON’T!! The only thing you’ll be adding are complications.

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