Temperature Control FAQs

By: Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

With the weather starting to heat up, I figured it would be a good time to answer commonly asked questions about temperature controlled shipments.

Q- What the heck is DuraTherm®?

A- DuraTherm® is ACH Foam’s brand of temperature controlled shippers. DuraTherm® is not only the shipper but also encompasses the whole package including the coolant (gel pack/brick, dry ice, etc.) and the science/knowledge/testing to get the temperature duration you need.

Q- How long will my product stay in cold?

A- This is not an easy answer as there are many variables to consider. We need to answer your question with more questions: What are you shipping? Where is it shipping from? Summer or winter or year round? How is it shipping? Duration of shipments? Min/Max temperature range of product? Min/Max amount or volume of product for the DuraTherm® container?

Q- Is your DuraTherm® product pre-qualified or validated?

A- Most would think these terms mean the same thing but they are different. Pre-Qualified shippers have had stringent testing completed and are not product specific. For example, if you use a DuraTherm® container and your product fits within the predetermined min/max load range, coupled with the appropriate refrigerant, it will last X amount of time. Validated shippers have had product specific testing done. Basically, one product/one pack-out tested to a set criteria for temperature and time.

Q- Who would do the design/temp testing?

A- ACH Foam Technologies proudly employs a top notch design department, and DuraTherm® testing lab in our ISO certified Fond du lac, WI facility.

Contact your local sales representative for more information and to get your temperature control needs solved with DuraTherm® insulated shipping containers.

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