What Carries You Through the Final Leg of International Shipping?

By: Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

freight-loaded-off-shipACH Foam Technologies has the ability to offer the best possible combination of quality protective packaging, service, and design capabilities required for transporting products safely.  Our capabilities in fabricated EPS, as well as shape molded EPS foam, allow us to customize a complete package that will carry a new product from inception through multi-facility production.

Recent changes in production of products that are transported from Asia to the US have resulted in opportunities to develop new packaging solutions.  Due to the rising cost of shipping an ocean container, many companies are choosing to have their products bulk loaded for international transport.  Once they arrive in the US, the containers are emptied and the packaging process is completed for shipment to its final destination.

Products such as flooring, portable heaters, fans, and counter-top appliances for big-box retailers are undergoing this type of shipping procedure, many of which, select EPS foam packaging to protect their goods because it’s an effective and economical solution for their particular challenge.  The state-of-the-art design capabilities and innovative techniques used at ACH Foam Technologies have propelled us to the top ranks as a protective packaging provider in recent years for these types of products.

If you face a similar shipping challenge, contact ACH Foam Technologies to learn how we can custom design a solution for you.

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