Geofoam Helps Brigham City

By: Terry Meier, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

In the year 1917 my father was born in a small town in northern Utah called Brigham City. Ninety seven years later I returned to that city to be a part of a large embankment reconstruction project.

A total of 4 embankments were widened to help facilitate the growing traffic volume in that area. The people of Brigham City rely heavily on those embankments to access the freeway (Interstate 15).  It was of paramount importance that this reconstruction project be completed quickly. The soil conditions at the jobsite are very poor and there was a concern that long term settlement would occur. Up to 3 feet of settlement was expected. If this settlement problem was not solved in a timely manner the people of Brigham City would be inconvenienced for a very long time.

8-8-14 (88) 500 px OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The engineers who designed these embankments came to the conclusion that the best way to solve the settlement problem was to replace heavier conventional fill material with lightweight Geofoam. The weight reduction difference between Geofoam and conventional fill is an astounding 100 to 1 ratio in weight reduction. This difference in weight solved the settlement problem and by so doing kept the project within the desired construction time frame hoped for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 8-8-14 (57) 500 px

Brigham City has changed a great deal since that September day in 1917 when my father was born there. It is now a thriving community of over 18,000 people and is the BoxElderCounty capital.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I was part of a Geofoam project which helped the people of my Fathers home town.

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