Arcel Foam- A perfect blend of EPS & PE

By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

ARCEL is the brand name of NOVA Chemicals’ PE+PS Inter-Polymer. The bead has a polystyrene core surrounded by an exterior coating of polyethylene. This unique combination gives ARCEL a special structure, which enables the best combination of PE and EPS.

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When used for protective packaging, ARCEL resin is a solution that reduces packaging size and weight, while maintaining great protective properties. ARCEL resin can reduce package size up to 40%, which cuts energy consumed in the manufacturing of packaging, lowers fuel consumption and emissions throughout the supply chain, and reduces the waste stream for both foam and corrugate materials.


Other benefits of ARCEL include the following:

  • Reduced fracturing- has great tear, puncture & flexibility strength.
  • Multiple drop performance
  • Reduced rub abrasion- ARCEL can eliminate having to bag parts

ACH Foam Technologies has the ability to manufacture with ARCEL material at any of our shape molding facilities.

Please contact your local ACH salesperson for more information.

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