R-Control SIP Roof Panels

By:  Jim Nugent, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

Structural Insulated Panels better known as SIPs have been in use for well over 50 years and R-Control SIPs manufactured by ACH Foam Technologies is the most recognizable brand name in the industry.

Most architects, contractors and owners are well aware of the advantages of building with R-Control SIPs. Certainly strength of the structure, energy efficiency and speed of construction are well known and well documented advantages of building with SIPs

While SIPs are well suited for light commercial building applications, conventional wisdom often views SIPs as a building system used in residential construction. To the contrary a large percentage of SIPs in use today are in commercial, institutional, and faith based buildings.

So where are these panels being used? In the roof.


Here are just a few of the advantages of R-Control SIP roof panels:

• Ideal for straight vaulted designs with exposed structural members
• Clear span capability from 8’-20’ depending on load criteria.
• Greater span-ability increases truss spacing and saves cost
• Speed of construction for large vaulted roofs, Panel sizes available from 4’x8’ to 8’x24’.
• R Control SIPs can be used in flat roof applications

Visit www.achfoam.com to find project profiles like the Severance Middle School, Aldo Leaopold Legacy Center, Ruffner Nature Preserve and other R-Control SIP roof panel projects.

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  1. I have used these panels a number of times in some of our projects and they have worked out tremebdously well! http://www.Bartlettroofingpros.com

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