Foam-Control Plus+ Architectural Grade EPS Conquers Terror

By: John Myers, Sales Representative – Architectural Products


Terror is part of our daily conversation. The world seems fraught with all sorts of alarm. We are becoming increasingly aware of and are on the watch for threats. In the construction world, there is the threat of the dreaded High-Cost-of-R-Value fear. Wait. What? Yes that’s right! While it isn’t making the headlines and most folks don’t think about it daily, it is a real concern among builders and building owners.

Fortunately, ACH Foam Technologies has developed Foam-Control Plus+ as a surefire combatant to overpriced R-Values. Contractors and Architects alike have discovered the cost-saving advantages of Foam-Control Plus+ Architectural Grade Insulation from ACH Foam Technologies. From perimeter and underslab insulation, to green roofs and plaza deck applications, all are experiencing the freedom from high R-Value costs.

With the increased R-Value and insulation requirements in today’s construction projects, and the demands of building owners to bring projects in at a reasonable cost, Architectural Grade EPS has been taking the place of the higher priced mainstays—XPS and Polyiso insulations. R-Value requirements can be satisfied at a lower cost per R-Value without changes to building design. The higher densities and corresponding higher R-Value per inch of Foam Control Plus+ changes the old myths of increased thickness.

Through the efforts of product specialists to educate the architectural, engineering, and contractor community we have battled past the fears and myths spread about by the higher cost per R-Value competitors.  If you are looking for some peace of mind and the satisfaction that comes from defeating High R-Value costs, let the experts at ACH Foam Technologies show you how to do battle and defeat terror!

About John Myers

I have been involved in the building materials supply business since my youth. I began my career in the "lumber yard" business and grew in that to become a part of the family business for more than 20 years. I then expanded my knowledge base to include commercial, division 7 product lines, as an independent representative for 13 years. I joined ACH Foam Technologies in August of this year, and am learning all about the manufacturing of Architectural Grade EPS insulation. I am looking forward to many years in this career, continuing current relationships and building new ones. I serve the Missouri and Western Kansas territory, and if we haven't yet met, I look forward to our meeting.
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