Assembled in the USA

By:  Joe Kurz, Sales Representative – Industrial Products


There is an opportunity/challenge being afforded to companies supplying products to the big box stores across our country. They are asking for these suppliers to bring them products that are made, or at minimum, assembled in the USA. This has driven several large companies to seek out methods of bringing back manufacturing to our shores, or bringing in their products unassembled and unpackaged and doing that work here.

Research into one such project showed a manufacturer bringing in 1420 sea containers per year of assembled and packaged product was able to reduce that figure to 224 containers of unassembled parts. The savings in freight and insurance costs are substantial, and the new business opportunities for ACH Foam Technologies to design and produce quality recyclable interior foam cushioning are exciting. These companies are also sourcing some of the hardware used to build their products from local companies, increasing demand for reusable EPS material handling trays and other packaging products.

ACH Foam Technologies, with our national facilities, has been consistently meeting the packaging challenge and requirements of our customers. So if it’s EPS, make it ACH…

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