Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Shipping Systems

By: Keith Baechle, Regional Sales Manager

Have you ever taken a mail order prescription or medication?  If you haven’t I bet someone you know has.  Can you imagine the number of hands and distance that product encountered to get to you?  If you stop and think about it, the reality of it is impressive.  Now think about the degree of packaging required to ensure this product reaches everybody dependent upon it in a safe and secure manner.  Because in some cases your life or someone you love could depend on it.

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ACH Foam Technologies has developed DuraTherm® pharmaceutical cold chain  shipping systems to make sure your medications arrive in temperature, secure and quickly.  Our line of products are scientifically designed to withstand the rigors of air, truck and human transit.  These shippers will hold refrigerated products within a 2 to 8ºC range for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.  We have painstakingly doted on every detail to ensure these units are an easy to use, efficient and cost effective means to ship critical care products nationally across the US.

For information regarding our DuraTherm® pharmaceutical cold chain shipping systems, please contact your nearest ACH Foam Technologies representative.

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