Geofoam: The Problem Solver

By:  Nick Harvill, Sales Representative, Architectural Products

The Atlanta, Georgia storm water system is tied to the city’s sanitary sewer system. So when heavy rains come down, the system is frequently overwhelmed. As the rainstorm continues, the sewer system begins to fill up, water only being able to leave it as fast as it can be processed by the sewage treatment plant. The City of Atlanta was getting hit with heavy fines for sewage overflow bypassing the plant into the rivers. Sewage was backing up into people’s homes and special valves were being installed to prevent the backflow. More sewage water storage was needed.

The City engineers came up with a plan to build sewage storage vaults around the city. Placed under parking lots and vacant lots, the vaults were to provide millions of gallons of storage each. One vault was being placed under the media parking lot at Turner Field, Home of the Atlanta Braves. As they progressed with the construction, they hit a snag. As part of the project, the parking lot had to be replaced with the pre-existing contours to match the surrounding elevations. One corner of the vault would require about 12 ft of fill and the vault was not designed for that extra weight. It would cost over a quarter million dollars to reinforce it. There was also a hard completion date to meet. They needed another solution.

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They turned to Geofoam and ACH Foam Technologies. Geofoam is a cellular plastic material that is strong but has a very low density. Weighing less about 1% of conventional fill materials, it has enough compressive strength to support the parking lot and the cars that would be parked on it. Geofoam would reduce the load of fill material on the vault at 20% of the cost of modifying the vault. ACH Foam Technologies took the vault design plan and the elevations and created a shop drawing of tapered and square blocks to illustrate where the Geofoam fill is placed.

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ACH Foam Technologies also helped the contractor acquire Hot Wire Cutting tools to do jobsite cutting and shaping modifications. With Geofoam and the assistance of ACH Foam, the job was completed on time.

Geofoam provides solutions to many fill problems. Weight reduction, reducing lateral pressure on foundation walls, and reducing construction time are some of the ways Geofoam solves problems. It comes in seven grades to meet load requirements. While field cutting is usually needed, special cuts and tapering are often provided to reduce the amount of field cutting needed. Shop drawings are provided for placement. We at ACH Foam Technologies are proud to be able to provide solutions with our Geofoam product line.

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    Geofoam is a cellular plastic material that is strong but has a very low density.Georgia storm water system is tied to the city’s sanitary sewer system.
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