“EPS Saves the Day”

 By: Terry Meier, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

These are the words of Rich Lowe, Structural Manager for W.W.Clyde, at the conclusion of a job using EPS Fabricated foam shapes.

Before the project began, W.W.Clyde sent ACH Foam Technologies a number of detailed drawings showing the shapes of pier columns being used on the South Valley Connector in Portneuf Idaho.

5-11-15 (1)

5-11-15 (4)

To help W.W.Clyde accomplish this task of producing these columns, ACH Foam was able to fabricate EPS into the desired shapes which were then used as a concrete form. The concrete was then poured into the EPS form. Once the concrete dried the EPS foam shape was easily removed leaving a beautifully formed concrete pier column.

The customer indicated that they saved a great deal of time and over $2,600.00 per pier column by using EPS Fabricated foam instead of wood.


Because EPS foam is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to fabricate into just about any shape, it makes it an ideal medium for small or large three dimensional shapes.

ACH Foam Technologies was grateful to be part of this project by providing a service and a product which in the words of our customer “saves the day”.

Learn more about custom fabricated architectural EPS shapes.

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