Choose the Right “Cap” for Your Roof

By: John Myers, Sales Representative – Architectural Products


You wear a cap on your head to keep warm in the cold weather or keep cool in the hot sunny weather, buildings like people need to be protected from the heat and cold as well. This starts at the roof.  The easiest path for heat loss and heat gain. ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control® and Foam-Control Plus+® roof insulations are excellent choices to “cap” a building.

Building codes dictate the minimum amount of R-Value that commercial buildings need to be energy efficient. This R-Value is used in the calculation of other components of the building such as HVAC systems.  Designers and building owners are not investing in these properties and equipment for a short term, but instead are looking to capitalize on their investment over the long term.  Foam-Control® and Foam-Control Plus+® roof insulations help with that investment by offering the only stable long-term R-Values available in roofing market today.

Alternative insulations are subject to R-Value loss over time, as evidenced by LTTR mathematical calculations used by polyisocyanurate insulation. This calculation averages the R-Value over 15 years and publishes the median R-Value rather than the long-term final R-Value.  ACH Foam Technologies has test results that show the R-Value of EPS remains stable after 30 years!

HVAC equipment designed at an overstated R-Value may become underused and less efficient if not designed to a predictable stable R-Value. This causes the equipment to fail prematurely and is a major expense to the building owner. Replacement equipment is likely to be sized as the original, thus repeating the cycle of inefficiency..

ACH Foam Technologies has a variety of “caps” from which to choose to match your climate zone. If you are protecting your building from heat gain or heat loss, Foam-Control® and Foam-Control Plus+® roof insulations are the effective long-term and affordable choices. Designers and building owners need only speak to one of the knowledgeable representatives at ACH Foam Technologies to find out more information. We have independent verification of R-Value field performance that is valuable information when designing your roof’s headwear.

About John Myers

I have been involved in the building materials supply business since my youth. I began my career in the "lumber yard" business and grew in that to become a part of the family business for more than 20 years. I then expanded my knowledge base to include commercial, division 7 product lines, as an independent representative for 13 years. I joined ACH Foam Technologies in August of this year, and am learning all about the manufacturing of Architectural Grade EPS insulation. I am looking forward to many years in this career, continuing current relationships and building new ones. I serve the Missouri and Western Kansas territory, and if we haven't yet met, I look forward to our meeting.
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