Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

By: Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

As Thanksgiving nears and we all start thinking about what and who we are thankful for, I wanted to recognize some ACH Foam Technologies team members who are behind the scenes. As this is a blog and not a novel, I cannot recognize everyone in this space. I have selected a few employees from ACH’s Kansas City Shape Molding facility. For these key personnel, I am very thankful and they make all of our jobs easier at ACH Foam in Kansas City.

Brad Wilbur blog pic

Brad Wilbur- Production Schedule/Inventory Control

Brad schedules all the orders for the facility and makes sure stock levels and large orders are scheduled and produced in a timely manner. He does a great job balancing hundreds of different products we manufacture and the quick turnaround times we are able to achieve.

Chris Kramer blog pic

Chris Kramer- Quality Technician

ACH produces top quality EPS foam products and this would not be possible without Chris checking quality for every product daily and ensuring all of our customers receive our absolute best quality product.

 Thadd Tweet- Production Manager

Thadd Tweet blog pic

Thadd is in charge of production at the facility and the employees who run the shape mold equipment. He works closely with Brad, Chris, and Brian, along with maintenance staff, so the whole production cycle runs smoothly and to ensure all of our customer’s needs are met.

Brian Kirk- Logistics Manager

Brian Kirk blog picBrian handles all the logistics for the facility. He coordinates all the shipments every week for every customer ordering product out of this manufacturing location. Keeping hundreds of shipments organized and getting the product to each customer on time is no easy task, but Brian handles it day in and day out.

From scheduling to manufacturing top quality shape molded EPS products to shipping the finished goods, these key behind the scenes employees help ACH remain the industry leader in EPS manufacturing.

Thank you to all ACH Foam employees for keeping us successful. Everyone is an important cog in the wheel that makes ACH Foam go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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