Arcel Resin vs Molded Pulp

By: Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

Arcel® resin has been used by many cabinet manufacturers to eliminate the multiple steps in packaging components.   ACH Foam’s Arcel® is less abrasive compared to pulp and corrugate, allowing for less material requirement and steps needed to complete a pack-out. Sometimes it also allows for reduction in PE foam wrap, typically used between cabinet surface and traditional pulp corners.  This simple process using ACH Foam’s Arcel® corners allows cabinet manufacturers to realize reduction in labor time associated with packaging a cabinet and also reduces potential damage during shipment.

The following photos show the difference between packaging with ACH Foam’s Arcel® and packaging with molded pulp and PE wrap for same cabinets:

ArcelContact us to learn more about this unique Arcel® blend of PE and EPS.

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