Does EPS Bead Size Really Matter?

By: Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

EPS Bead and PennyAs the nations  2nd largest processor of expanded polystyrene bead, ACH Foam Technologies runs many different beads sizes through its facilities. These sizes vary depending on the intended usage.

While our Lost Foam operations in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin requires a very small bead in order to properly fill the detail areas of the molds used for this application, larger size beads are favored for production of billets used in our fabrication processes. Many variables come into play here, and our production experts at the plant level are the most knowledgeable about choosing the proper size bead for your intended use. Feedback from our customers, some of whom use our billets to create their products, is also very helpful in dialing in the proper recipe for their needs. One such customer will first hotwire our foam, and then mills it using a CNC router system. We supply them with billets in a “C” sized bead, which satisfies both processing methods perfectly. Another customer, one that cuts shapes and flat sheets, prefers a billet made with a mix of “B” and “C” size beads.

When a new customer comes to us for quotes, our trained, experienced sales and estimators know the proper questions to ask regarding how our EPS foam will be used. Armed with these answers, we can offer the correct product the first time, and ensure customer satisfaction. ACH Foam Technologies strives to continue to be the leader in EPS industry.

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